Breaking News: Today, over 1 million people have been charged for murder nationwide. The victim: Communication.   

Social Media, our beloved blessing and curse all wrapped in one. Ahh, the power of this deadly beast.  If only we could go back to the days when we actually lived. Yes, we are alive, but we have allowed technology to revamp our way of life. Children now find more fun in being home on their phones. Meanwhile, I used to get upset hearing my mom tell my neighbor I couldn’t come outside due to something I probably hadn’t gotten around to doing (sounds about right).

When was the last time you went to a party without your Snapchat friends tagging along through a 10 second lens? How long ago was your last post on Facebook that you mentioned what made you mad, who made you mad, and why? Oh yeah, and was that yesterday or last week that you showed us the four abs you picked up through your new workout regimen? (No Shade). I bet the first thing on the agenda of a typical busy day for you is not a cup of coffee and a prayer to the Lord, but a thorough check of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Am I right or am I right ?

All I’m saying is that I miss the days of good music and great people keeping us sane. Personal conversations and amazing events blossoming into memories that no Facebook post could ever validate . Sadly however, we have reached an era that none of that seems to matter. No, we rather waste time picking a perfect time to drop that “sexy” selfie and rack up a worthless 100 likes or so- from people we haven’t talked to in ages. Cute.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love social media. Being completely honest, I even find myself doing SOME (not all) of the same things I just mentioned, every now and then. But I also am a believer of feeding off of one another’s energy, and we aren’t able to do that on social media. That, I am aware of. Yes, all those sites provide people with opportunities to connect, reconnect, and even launch businesses to levels unseen; yet still, they deteriorate just as many souls and relationships in the process.

Today’s Keyword: Value ˈvalyo͞o/ (n) : the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

(I know, such a small word this week. But in writing these, know that I find the meaning of each word chosen to be of much more importance than its length.)

We  have to find a way to enjoy these social media outlets in moderation. Relationships around us should be held at a much higher level than sifting through our friend request lists. When we first started dating, my boyfriend and I used to go on dates all the time- with phone in hand all through the night. How rude of us, I know. We were not only disrespecting each other’s time, but we showed no concern for the other’s conversation. In taking time to understand how much we both valued our relationship, we had to do better and decided to change. Three years later, still to this day, every time we go out ,we have a rule: first one to take their phone out must pay the check. Of course, he pays when this issue doesn’t arise, but it definitely still has a way to keep both of us engaged- whole heartedly. And it is quite fun too. Turning up on social media turns down many chances of getting to know someone a lot better than you thought you did.

I challenge you, here and now: take a detox from all your social media accounts. In doing so, watch how much of life you are able to appreciate and notice about the world and people around you! I know, social media is truly addicting; but you aren’t missing out on anything taking some time away for a while. Stop relying on instant gratification to keep you warm at night and be your own boost of confidence and self- motivation. The people around you are quite valuable. Quite frankly, if you took the time to look up from your phone screen every now and then, you would know that .

Now like that. Get it?



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    July 22, 2015


    We are literally the same person. I was talking to Dre and Samiya about this last night before you told us about this post. I deleted all social media off my phone to give myself a mental break. I do this from time to time just to remain a human, in touch with the world. I also purposely leave my phone away from me to enjoy company, and this is a dating must(wheneevr my dating life becomes active). Love you much