Mighty Love 101: Is There a Heart in the House Tonight?

February 17, 2017 0 Comments

“A heart is a house for love, and I learned that it don’t take much to break.”

If you read that quotation and immediately began to a) sing along, b) reminisce on how great of a movie The Five Heartbeats was, or c) all of the above, then we are officially friends (no seriously, you can actually walk on my carpet with your shoes on). This line from the R&B ballad is quite catchy, but taking the time to really understand it made me appreciate the song so much more. When it comes to a relationship, it truly requires some labor. Foundation has to be laid. Time and attention must be paid. And on the downside, if the right amount of effort doesn’t go into building and maintaining, it’s as good as gone. With Valentine’s day just passing, a plethora of lovers shined all across the nation. Gifts were bought and romance was the word of the day. But now that the day is gone seems as though so is the thrill. We have all read of (or at least heard of) The Three Little Pigs, so I have just one question: What type of house of love are you living in?

Straw House- These are the relationships that are quick and easy. They seem extremely fun. Short-lived. There’s no sense of stability in these relationships and at the blow of the wind, it’s all over.

Stick House- If you’re here, I’m pretty sure you have built something worth fighting for. The honey moon phased has passed so it seems like forever, yet the material the relationship was built on lacks long term strength. Oh, but from the outside looking in? It is a beauty to the eye.

Brick House- May not always be the prettiest on the outside, but the fire for one another burns hot. A relationship like this has stood the test of time through rain, snow, sleet, and hail. When the hard times hit, these relationships tend to ride the wave, fighting for what and whom they love. They are bold enough to admit they disagree from time to time but the solutions have grounded them even more. They have put in hard work and are now reaping the benefits.

Today’s Keyword: compromise |ˈkämprəˌmīz| noun: a middle state between conflicting opinions or actions reached by mutual concession or modification

Compromise has received such a bad rep on the streets simply because of the negative connotation it often times has. However, compromise is vital for a relationship, because you all won’t agree on everything. Love isn’t compromising your sanity or self-worth to appease another. It isn’t compromising how hard you love or anything in between. Love requires compromise that is caring, understanding, and consistent. Compromise is key. Just make sure your house of love has a tenant in it worth compromising for. Click To TweetWhat type of house of love are you in? 

Off to watch the Heartbeats,