Two words. Perfectly imperfect. Cliche I know, but fitting for sure. Those are the two words that sum up my vibrant novel of a year. Chapters evolved with colorful ink leaving its mark in an array of places. Blotches here, strikethroughs there. Characters made exits. Pages were ripped out and torn to shreds. Tears flowed. Tears of pain, tears of immense happiness. In a matter of twelve months, I watched success graze the tips of my worn out fingers, I got a glimpse of heaven at Chance the Rapper’s live concert (where I learned that crowds of people make me nauseous), I rode on party boats and amazing waves of music (see Solange’s Cranes in the Sky), and for the first time in forever I experienced what it feels like to be lost and heartbroken. I, the protagonist, colored my hair to lighten my woes. I shut many out to make myself feel better but to no avail. Because of this, I also fasted to receive the reminder that everything is possible with faith in Him. Now going into the new year, I have a dance contract with my name on it. One hell of a book, huh? With all the (mis)adventures of this year, I gained strength. I gained power. I gained control of my life, my happiness.

With all the (mis)adventures of this year, I gained strength. I gained power. Click To Tweet

Two years. I am now two years in with this blog. Two years I never even inputted in my life’s plan but somehow fell into the calculations gracefully. Subscribers have welcomed me with open arms. Shirts were sold. Collaborations were born. This platform made me more vulnerable to embrace my truths. It gave me the break from reality that we all so deserve from time to time.

Today’s Keyword: authentic |ôˈTHentik |  (adj.): of undisputed origin; genuine: made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original

There’s no one feeling that can help y’all picture my year, but best believe my year was real. Real losses, real reality checks, and me discovering my real purpose in life. Don’t get me wrong, I am a work in progress, but I am comfortable in the skin I’m in. I am focusing on being the most authentic version of myself that I can be this upcoming year. 2016 was a good year. I defeated my fears. I owned my story. In times of trouble, I stayed courageous and in times of achievement I stayed focused on the idea that there is more work to be done. I stayed out my own way and saved some of me for me. A true heroine. Two thousand sixteen was a chaotic melody that taught me that anything that you desire is just one small effort away from being your own- if you’re willing to work for it. If you’re willing to trust God’s plan. I’m going into this new year feeling a way I never felt before, free.  While one chapter closes, the next has only just begun. What’s something you are adding to your life story this year?

To good vibes, high passion, and authenticity,

Happy New Year!