It’s the week of Thanksgiving so you already know what that means: great food, quality family time, and an overwhelming amount of gratefulness floating in the air (even though I still don’t get why we wait for one holiday to give thanks…but hey). While I am truly thankful for all the things I have, I wanted to explore something different this year. The question I pondered on was, “What is a loss I am thankful for?”… I think it was one of the hardest questions I have ever asked myself because losses never truly feel good, yet alone something that we would be thankful for. But I had finally reached my answer. In lieu of loving a variety of perspectives, I reached out to a few people who I am thankful for just to see what they would say and here are just a few of the amazing responses I received (for sake of sanity and privacy, everyone will remain anonymous):

  • “Something I lost in 2016 that I’m thankful for is the fear of being alone. This year has been one of introspection and self discovery. Had I not chosen to love myself enough to let go of that fear and embrace spending some time alone with myself inside my own thoughts, I would have missed out on a crucial opportunity to grow”

  • “I am thankful for losing my ex girlfriend because had we stayed together our friendship would be nowhere close to where it is today. I love her deeper & stronger as a friend”

  • “My ability to walk and do for myself momentarily. It made me appreciate all the little things that we take for granted a lot more”

  • “I had a deep secret that I vowed to take to the grave with me and one day I got so angry and emotional I spilled my secret…. that I was molested as a child by my mother’s boyfriend. I am truly blessed by the loss of that secret.”

  • “every time u lose something u are making room for what’s ahead. just like opening your camera and not having enough room to take a picture. at the end of the day, once the dust settles, i think we all are thankful for something we lost, whether it made us feel good or bad. if u lose it, was it really yours to keep?”

  • “My last relationship . I was blinded by the idea of love. Walking away, although [it was] hard taught me that my worth was not measured by man.”

  • “A loss that I am thankful for would be the loss of uncertainty and doubtfulness. Over the past year or so I have doubted my abilities and felt as if I wasn’t qualified enough, wasn’t good enough, wasn’t certified enough. But once I started to become more certain in who I was the more things started to open up for me.”  

  • “I think the loss of my job allowed me to focus on me and my life. Being broke actually gave me opportunity to release many bad habits like smoking”

  • “I don’t know if you would consider it a loss, but for me the loss of not attaining my dream after the numerous attempts of trying to achieve it.  Yet I’m thankful for what I have and where I am today”

Today’s Keyword: bittersweet |ˈbitərˌswēt| (adj): arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain

Love. Dreams. Doubt. When you take a moment and really think about it, being thankful for a loss can be very bittersweet. How can I find contentment in being happy about something I no longer have? Yeah, I’m sure you are thinking the same thing. The beauty of all these responses is the variety of perspectives. From people my age to people twice my age and beyond. From intelligent men to strong women. Each of our lives has brought us different losses that we each are able to appreciate. This Thanksgiving while you’re at the table saying grace, challenge yourself to thank the Lord for a loss this time around. You’ll be shocked at how much no longer having that thing or person has changed your life for the better.

What’s a loss you’re thankful for ?

Changing up the conversation at the table,


December 31, 2016