Am I the only one that some times gets out of bed already over the day? I genuinely can’t control it. It just happens and quite frankly, today is one of those days. I can’t lie… this was not the post I imagined. I had planned to drop an awesome one this morning. One that made me feel like I would leave you feeling inspired. Encouraged. Determined. Honestly reader, I’ve failed you. I woke up this morning feeling like that post was just not ready to be shared with the world. I woke up feeling like it wasn’t my best. Like it wasn’t a true depiction of my current thoughts. Right now I don’t feel inspired- I feel tired. As hell. I feel like I have so much to do and haven’t touched not one thing yet.

I would have been lying to you, making it seem as though my last few days have been life-changing or an intro to a new awakening. Meanwhile, I literally slept in all day yesterday and I still owe myself a few more hours of sleep. While you would not have known the difference, I would have felt like a fraud. Deception would have been my best friend if I posted something other than this today. But I chose another route. I chose to accept my crap today.

Not every day will you wake up feeling like you will conquer the world. And that is okay. You can plan out your life a month in advance, a week prior to, and still life will happen. Without your consent, illnesses, time changes, and an overwhelming amount of deadlines will corrupt your entire schedule. Not all the time do you have to speak words of positivity over those moments or fake the funk that it will still be an awesome day.

So today, I have nothing for you. Rather than being afraid of what you may think and simply not writing this week, I’m letting you know straight up. No this isn’t a post that many will share, yet alone like. But this is what my Monday post looks like today. I’m showing you that it is okay to feel lousy sometimes. Instead of faking it and forcing myself to speak positivity into the air, I’m going to embrace my crappy day and allow it to naturally leave my mind and body on its own.

Can you say you do the same? Or do you live a fraudulent life?

Share your thoughts below!

Praying my transparency doesn’t cost me a reader,