Excuse me, I see you’re busy sitting over there in your section (wasting away) so I won’t keep you long.  It’s just that every time my friends and I come out to a function, I’ve noticed your eyes seem to gaze over to our area- and never leave. I have watched you roll your eyes on many occasions and it has led me to reach out to you. I’m concerned to say the least.  You seem to be so uptight that you might have forgotten what fun looks like. That opening in our mouths? Yes, it’s called a smile. And that quick sway and electrifying roll in our hips? That’s dancing. Those guys are with us because they enjoy the energy we bring and we enjoy theirs. They are actually our friends. As a matter of fact, their arms are locked tightly around our shoulders simply because Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” is our song and it will never. get. old.

Why is it such a crime to go out and have a good time? It’s as if dancing and enjoying yourself is an abnormal thing nowadays and I just think that’s whack. Think about it, you spend all evening getting dressed up, might even pay twenty dollars at the door, all to take a seat and watch others from the side with a frown on your face. The last five or so functions I’ve attended, people are conversing more than enjoying the music. Don’t get me wrong, mingling is great. But geesh- not the entire night. Enjoy a song or three for yourself.

Today’s Keyword: jollification |ˌjäləfiˈkāSHən| noun (n):  lively celebration with others

See when my friends and I go out (which is rare), we go out to enjoy ourselves. We don’t care what people think. We still manage to “keep it cute”, but we also love the music the DJ plays. Quite frankly,  if we wanted to sit and talk, we could have done that without the heels or makeup. Next time you see us at a spot, here’s what I want you to do: come on over so I can share with you a piece of this good time. It might actually do you some good.


a party goer that goes to a party to party.

November 3, 2016