Beating the Odds in the H** Seat

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If you’ve ever heard of or sat in the h** seat, then you know it’s a pretty crappy place to be in. In layman’s terms, it is that uncomfortable seat in the middle of two other people. If you’ve ever been on a long car ride and people took the window seats and you were forced to either 1) stack your feet on that annoying hump in the middle or 2) spread your legs into the sections behind the driver and passenger seat, then you’ve experienced the h** seat. You feel the bumps in the road more than anyone. And picture that last undeserving experience on that plane when you were forced to sit between a woman with a crying baby and a man who snores. With no snacks to soothe the pain. My friend, that is the h** seat.

Lately, my life has been a joke. I’ve been feeling a sense of slight failure img_1652in a variety of aspects in my life. I’ve been sitting in an uncomfortable spot between  “Why me?!” and “You can’t be serious!”. Three words: cramped. as. hell.

I’m squished and I’ve gotta get out.

Today’s Keyword: tenacity (n) : the quality or fact of being very determined; the quality or fact of continuing to exist

See the thing about the h** seat is that no matter how unpleasant the space may be, the destination is still safely reached. No matter the place in the vehicle, we are all headed the same place, to our goals and the life we were destined to live.  I’ve noticed that the beauty of being in the h** seat is that because it is such a treacherous experience (especially if you’ve got legs as long as mine so it’s just cruel and unusual punishment), the arrival to the destination is much more valued and appreciated. Just because you might not be in the most comfortable seat right now, doesn’t mean your life is ending. Discomfort leads to growth.

The thing I love about this particular definition of tenacity is “the quality of continuing to exist”. It takes a strong person to go through hell and back and yet still find beauty in life and all the people in it. Being tenacious builds character so it’s time to get a grip of your life and stay determined. Storms will come but there is always a rainbow at the end. Keep pushing towards the things you have set out. Yes, things are tight right now. Yes it seems like the ride will never end. Yes this is a bomb ass metaphor.

No but seriously, you’ve got this! Stop taking yourself so seriously and enjoy life’s ride, even if you are in the h** seat right now. Take the time to cherish even the smallest of things and before you know it, the seat won’t seem so bad after all. Not only that, but boy will the arrival to your destination feel that much greater.

Stay tenacious. Get uncomfortable. Ride it out. You’ll live.

Out of my comfort zone,


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