I tried to be good to you
but I found myself spinning
down a fiery whirlpool
no escape as I scrape down your walls
peeling back the same plain coat
I stopped counting at layer five
stop the madness
drop the sadness
roll your baggage
your words strangling my neck
as I gasp for happiness
let it bubble up from my vocals
a splash from the pupil that has watched you
choke on lies and st-st-stutter on your words
like pop rocks sliding down a cracked
I paved
the way for you and
From miss you to misused
I lay away from you gasping for air and
a chance to breathe a day or two

but I died to be good to you
every day I hopped on your mood swings
chains as rusty as our conversations
we now pour in the rivers of nothingness
but I feel nothing less than weak
so seven days later I turn back around
like a child thinking that no means yes
but since yes means no I gotta let go
but trust fallin’ into the wrong hands
is no good to do


I lied to be good for you
now I splash to be good too