If you grew up in a house like mine, you often found the words, “stay in a child’s place” bouncing off your mama’s lips and hitting you in the gut when you hopped in one too many grown folks’ conversations. This is when you knew to walk out before you get knocked out and in other words find you some Spongebob to watch or your Bop It to bang on- in another room. When I was younger, I hated that phrase. How dare you refuse to allow me to enter the realm of intellectual conversation and higher-order decision making?! But now that I’m older, I actually miss my “child’s place”. In layman’s terms, I hate being an adult.

I think I took college for granted, hell being a child period. We were so “stressed out” with tests and things that we didn’t realize that we were living the life. Close proximity to friends, predetermined deadlines, and everything was either a)cheap or b) free (both to which no one complained lol). Hey, those free apartment t-shirts and gadgets kept me warm many of nights. But see those quotations around stress are there for a reason. That was nothing compared to the post-grad life. Tuh, I wish! My body can’t even bounce back from partying like it used to. I’ve only been out of undergrad for a little over a year now and I’m already over it.

Mama, are you there? I want my “child’s place” back. I’m begging you. These insurance bills, on top of gas, rent, and trying to have fun add UP and honey, I can’t deal. When in college, your main frustration was your parents calling at thee worst times (yes Ma, class today is at 9am not 10) and let’s be real, your biggest hassle was getting your car out of the tow lot. But try having a boss throw random things at you and expecting a 24-hour turnaround or getting a nice fat check only to go right back to broke because you paid your bills on time. Undergraduates, enjoy these years. Whether it be your first year or senior. Do not rush to live the life that I’m living because life up until now was a breeze.

Today’s Keyword: duck soup (n.) North American informal: an easy task, or someone easy to overcome.

College = duck soup. A cake walk. smooth sailing. A walk in the park. All of the above.

Point blank period.

Back in my day, my naps were longer than fifteen minutes and the drink specials made sense. And before college, only thing I had to do was make good grades and Mama would come through in the clutch to handle the rest (even when I didn’t deserve it). Ma, I thought I was supposed to be in my child’s place. When did the rules change? At what age did I lose that spot I worked so hard for? When did the heavy responsibilities get tossed onto me? I know I’m older now, but adulting is not for me. At least, not yet. I’m still getting the hang of it but more often times than none, I find myself just hanging.

Before joining this real world that we all hoped and yearned for, I expected something much different. Being an adult can have its perks, but stay a kid for as long as possible because you will never get it back. After about 21, you’re an official adult. Forever.



I need my child’s place.

Saving receipts and checking my credit score,


August 7, 2016


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    August 31, 2016

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    Christina Anderson

    September 8, 2016

    This is THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!

    It will get better for us in no time. We will be talking friend vacations like on ” How did i get married” to exotic islands before we know it….. Just because. <3

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      September 11, 2016

      ha! and I can not wait! Glad you enjoyed the read <3