Hey y’all!

I know, I know- where the heck have I been, right? I’m sorry for the delay but life was running its course this past my last semester of college. Let’s see…since my last post, I’ve traveled the world (if that’s what you want to call the Bahamas and Disney World), took my sobs to a good many of happy hours, oh yes and graduated from the greatest institution ever created, Florida State University! In summary, my journey has definitely changed over the past couple of months, but I’ll make sure not to go on another four-month hiatus from you guys. Although I haven’t made any additions to my blog in a while, I must say my pondering and new explorations of people and life never ceased. While on this blog “break”, I discovered something truly amazing; that through all the deadlines, interviews, and everything else I could possibly think of, life actually still went on. Crazy.

I would have one bad day and interpret it as my tragic demise, not realizing that there would come a time when that day would end and the sun would rise again, giving me yet another chance to be great and start fresh. Often times, we let certain decisions and worries put a halt on our lives, ultimately setting ourselves back in the long run. With senior year, I found my personal time to be miniscule, yet alone scarce. I did not know how to manage social life, academia, post-grad plans, and relationship time into my schedule and it is something I’m still learning how to do as I type this piece. Sidenote: Senior year is a beautiful nightmare- don’t be fooled. But some of the best advice I received with this transition of life from one of my fellow Sorors was this: “Manage your life. Truth is, you will always have something going on but it’s how you manage things outside of yourself that become important and necessary” (thank you Jalissa for that, gotta love her).

Her words rang true. We always think the timing is not right for opportunities, that we must be on our feet in order to actually strive onward to our next goal. If only life really worked like that. Whether or not you are waiting until you get a better wardrobe to apply for a job, someone is taking a step out on faith and applying for that position in ripped jeans and a dingy tee. Whether you are questioning your skills to attend that audition or book that event, I can reassure you that someone else less knowledgeable on the subject than you is going for it and giving it all they’ve got. In other words, there is no time for hesitation. As the people in show biz say, the show must go on.

Today’s Keyword: Audacity |ôˈdasitē| (n): the willingness to take bold risks; daring, especially with confident disregard for conventional thought or other restrictions

Life does not stop for you because you are busy or unable to make time for you. You think the bills are going to slow down so you can make the payment on time? Believe me, if we spent all of our lives waiting for the right time to jump out and be ready, we’ll be waiting forever and a day. The timing will never be right people! That’s just life. Have the audacity to refuse to let the burdens of life weigh you down. Have the audacity to go for that big opportunity and not settle for satisfactory because that was “all you had time for.” In an interview Will Smith once said, “there is no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” Those who only have a Plan A are at that point of audaciousness that we all should reach for as opposed to looking at them as being unrealistic. People with Plan Bs such as myself, stretch for the goal but perceive it as unattainable at this point in our journey, not knowing that said point will sadly never arrive until we decide to actually take action. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with life and put things on the backburner but time management is key. From this point forward, we must promise to ourselves to live in the now, never mind a possibility of failure or a smidgen of difficulty. Manage your time around your goals and passions- not the other way around. The nerve of you to live for you- Ha!

I tried waiting for finals and paperwork to slow down so that I could focus and write my blog. Yes, school tasks died down, but my new job’s paperwork piled up just as fast as my walk across the stage at graduation. With this realization, I produced this blog. I made this commitment to myself and to you all. Time does not wait and we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

The curtain call on an opportunity will certainly come, it always does. Will you be in the cast line up or in the audience bitterly applauding? The show will go on. So hey… just go on with it, already.