Dear seasonal, once upon a time, somewhat lover,

Ahh, it’s been some time since we last spoke but your hitting me up out of the blue the other night provoked me to send this to you (I’ll be quick, I’m pretty sure you have things to do). This heartfelt letter is a sincere apology. I have given it some thought and it was about time I let you know I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for being too much for you. My cooking, cleaning, and being there for you in times of trouble were just too considerate, I know. I messed up. I should have ignored your calls a few times. Left panties on the floor every now and then. I guess I was so busy doing all of the right things, I didn’t factor in you taking interest in someone new.

Oh yes and while we’re here, I’m sorry for being too expressive with my opinions, putting my foot down and having my own beliefs. I could have agreed a little more. But you have to admit, our disagreements were just so fun sometimes. You would get so serious and I’d try to macho up and do a little joke to bring a smile to your face to remind you of how stupid it all was. That’s it- I made you laugh too much didn’t I?

And I’m sorry for no longer waiting hand and foot for you to come around. See, we’ve played this on- and- off game for a few years now and the only one whose life has been on hold is my own. You fell in love about two more times after me, lucky you. Congrats, by the way, heard this last one was a keeper.

I know you are trying to figure out where I am going with this letter. Well seasonal lover, I’ve finally realized that life is now so much better without you. Entering once every three months to play mind games? What cruel and unusual punishment. But you know what, I admire you because you did something I wouldn’t have ever thought about, you put you first.

Keyword: egotistical (adj.) : excessively conceited or absorbed in oneself; self-centered

Years have passed and while we have grown wiser (some more than others) , one thing has yet to change. See, your egotistical ways have you confused. Your twisted little mind assumed that because I once adored you, that those feelings would linger even after the turmoil you put me through. Oh, you silly fool. Seasonal lover, my shelves are empty. My requital for your unrequited love totals up to me moving the hell on.  I have nothing left for you and I wish you nothing but the best. You’ve gotta leave me be.

This letter is nothing special. Just a small token of my gratitude for pushing me away and ultimately allowing me to see the light. We weren’t good for one another, more so you for me. And before you hit me up the other night, life was great. Moments were joyous right up until you got lonely and felt the need to hit my line. Save your “Just thought about you” text for another broken soul. Because this one right here is fixed to perfection. I’m no longer available. Mentally. I am all tied up in my own happiness.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience but my heart is closed. You know, if this threw off any tricks you had up your sleeve to win me back and put me yet again in the undeserving place I sat for many long winters and failing falls… my deepest apologies. I can no longer attend to your insecurities and be there whenever someone you care for is not available.

I’m sorry but…

I ain’t sorry.


The One You Took For Granted


*no one was hurt in the creation of this post. I think.


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    Baby Duck

    July 6, 2016

    This is great Ki. I love you 😘

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    July 28, 2016

    ❤️ This is AMAZING! I got a person or two I can send this to. lol