Now before you read any further, let me make it clear that I am no heathen. I figured this title would be the perfect eye-catcher to reel you in annnddd considering you are now on your second sentence, it’s clear that I have won.  Have you ever been in such a stupid and draining situation that you’ve had to close your eyes and go as humble to the Lord as you know how to ask for strength? Me. All day, every day.  But there’s a certain situation (company, per se) that I seem to be flustered with in more ways than one. My rant begins.

Since I’ve moved so many states away from my family and friends, I’ve been traveling a lot more. I’m not a huge fan of buses nor frequent 22-hour car rides, so my choice of transportation is more often than none, by plane. But for as long as I live, let me say that there is nothing (literally, nothing) that will ever move me to ride Spirit Airlines again.

As a woman who is tall, not by choice but by genetics, I find it appalling to have to pay for extra space to sit comfortably in an already uncomfortable seat. That was not what I signed up for. I went into the situation, confident that the seat expense wouldn’t apply to me. Oh, the things we regret. When you were little, did you ever ride on the handle bars of a friend’s bike?Well, even that was more room than I had in my seat. The epitome of “knees to chest.” Blissful joy.

To make matters worse, to soothe my seating arrangement woes, I figured a drink and some lightly salted nuts would be nice. Unbeknownst to me, that was a fee too. A joke. Once I noticed the total for the two would come out to roughly $TooMuch.99, I Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.01.00 PMrespectfully declined. And let me not even discuss the idea of paying 30+ dollars for baggage.  Their system is set up in such a way that it’s actually cheaper to check in luggage than conveniently have a carry-on. I thought cary-on life was the life. But not with Spirit. Oh the lies! The deceit!

Furthermore, how dare you cloud my judgement with amazing prices for flights only for my checkout price (with extra fees included) to be quite costly. How dare your bag handlers toss my luggage so roughly that my belongings are lost, only to reimburse me less than half of the money owed of my possessions. My chargers, perfume, head scarf, edge control and more, all gone. Yes, my edge control. I was officially done with life. Of course, customer service offered me a voucher for my troubles. Tuh. With that I’ll say this:
Everything that’s free, ain’t good.

Today’s Keyword: assure (v): tell someone something confidently to dispel any doubts they may have

If you’ve ever doubted a person sticking to their word, I am here to change that. I assure you that unless every other airlines just so happens to be non-existent, buses stop running, or my car no longer works, Kiandra B. will never step foot near that airlines again.  No worries, the business will continue running as usual. To them, I’m probably just another nagging human, a dissatisfied customer. But hey, I’ll be that. This nag won’t be giving up any more of her coins.

P.S. This is all an opinion. My personal preference, if you will. If you have no problem with lost items, overpriced necessities, and subpar customer service- hey, you’re just in luck. I’ll pass though.

Southwest has my heart,


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    May 25, 2016

    Giiiiirll!! You are preaching to the choir! That airline is hot garbage on a Tuesday afternoon in May. I have never been so upset with an airline in my entire life. First you buy the plane ticket (but hold on, if you apply for their credit card the tickets cost less), then you pay for your seat, then you pay for your bags, then you pay to breath… its too much…