5 Things You Should Rate About You: The Only Gratification You Need

January 31, 2018 0 Comments

It may be that those who are more active {social media} users feel more engaged and derive more sense of social capital from social media interactions. However, it may also be that active users are more prone to having negative exposures, which can affect self-cognitions.
-Association Between Social Media Use and Depression Among U.S. Young Adults,
The Official Journal of ADAA

“You keep comparing yourself to people who only pretend to be happy,” Lacie’s brother berated from across the room. She sat at her desk on the verge of dying, impatiently awaiting a rating of five stars from once-upon-a-friends and strangers. It was as if her life depended on it. And to her (and so many others), it did.

Lately, I’ve been doing my due diligence to support other shows while Insecure prepares greatness and HTGAWM took a winter hiatus. One that my friends and I stumbled upon was Black Mirror. The episode Nosedive was my perfect start to the series and indeed a satirical awakening to our reality today. Imagine your entire life is based upon what others rated you on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. As if being high status was not enough, your style of car, entrance into parties, and acceptance into friendship circle is upon your rank being 4.5 stars or above.

Without have a sign over our heads, we live this life this every day. Posting mildly odd and risqué pictures to gather likes and “you go, girl!”. Being awkwardly nice to Uber drivers to get a nice passenger rating (and vice versa with their compatible chargers and complimentary mints).We have developed a sense of facade to get what we want from who we want. And many of us crave a sense of belonging. Pretending to be who we are not, only temporarily validates your thirst to be happy but never quenches your soul. While life may seem like a rating game, the people who care the least of what others think are often the happiest. Note that I did not say “don’t care at all,” because let’s be real- opinions matter. But your opinion of yourself is the most important.

Today’s Keyword: equilibrium (n.) a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced; a calm state of mind

With enjoying social media, we must find equilibrium in also not becoming soaked up or defined by our social media. We rate others every day but what if we switched the game up and gave ourselves a pat on the back? What if we took a moment to pause on others’ thoughts and gas ourselves up? Today, I challenge you to rate yourself! Now before you start, these aren’t the surface level type ratings. We do that every day on the ‘Gram. Nah, today I want you to go in depth and get in touch with yourself. In my opinion, here are the five things you should genuinely rate yourself on:

1. Execution of Aspirations: Are you taking the time to put deadlines on your goals? Are you even writing your goals? How capable are you of following out your plan?

2. State of Spiritual Journey: As a Christian, I must ask my fellow folk: are you continuing to develop and grow within God? What are you doing weekly to exude Him in you? If you do not worship or identify under any religion, where do you fall on the spectrum of spirituality?

3. Ability to Connect w/ Others: Can you honestly empathize with your neighbor after a long day? Are you capable of listening and giving your last? What is your effect on others around you?

4. Mental Stability: Weights the world been seeming to get you down? How quickly have you been able to bounce back from stress and burdens on the job?

5. Internal Happiness: Please don’t tell me you take yourself too seriously. Can you still smile with only 10 dollars in your pocket yet a supportive group of friends? Does life bring you joy amidst so much chaos?

Could you hang around you if the standard meant having a 4.4 or higher based on this criteria? Rate yourself and post your rank on your social media sites for a chance to enter a giveaway! My rate is already on my Instagram. It’s interactive time!!