January Edition: Actor Marcus Bailey

January 17, 2018 1 Comments

From social media parodies to roles on TV One hit series and music videos, Marcus Bailey is an actor on the rise with his eye on the prize. So excited to have highlighted him as the first bomb.COM guest. Check out his inspiring story below!

In ten words or less, who is Marcus Bailey?
*laughs* We don’t know yet. I haven’t lived long enough to tell you who I am.

Which actor(s) has had the most significant influence on the way you hone in on the craft?My top 3 would be Giancarlo Esposito, Hill Harper, and Larenz Tate.
When I think about acting and where I fit in the industry, those three men have looks similar to me. They are not always leading men, but their characters are still very important. And they’re all very versatile, chameleons. Also, I can’t forget Cicely Tyson, for her longevity and integrity.

In college, you danced, and from time to time you still post dance videos on your social media. Are you in any way ever able to use that skill in your auditions?
While I was in school, my professors used to compliment my posture and confidence in the audition room and credited that to me being a dancer. So I would say that it has allowed me to go to auditions ready and prepared. As far as auditioning goes though, I haven’t gotten any because I dance per se, more so just noticed as an actor with an extra skill of dance.

What does your creative process look like as you get a new script?
With my training, I immediately figure out what the character wants. In every scene, your character wants something, so that’s when acting comes in because you are now trying to do the things you need to do to get that want. Say, for example, I might have a scene where I’m asking someone for money.So I would write on top of the script, “ I want the money from so and so,” and then I would create different actions to go about getting money and play those on top of the script. So my first tactic might be to guilt that person while the other might be to rob them and that sounds and looks totally different. The goal is the same, but I try different tactics to get it.

Have you ever envisioned a different “want” from the character than the director who created it? If so, are you able to incorporate your perspective or is it strictly director’s choice?
We can talk it out. Ultimately, it is the director’s project, so it is what the director wants. Usually, the director might say okay let’s try your way, but if they don’t like it, then, we’ll try their way.

Of all the work you have done in the last two years, which has been your favorite to date and why?
Janelle Monae’s “Electric Lady” music video because it was confirmation that I could do this. There I am on the screen there. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.

As an actor, is it hard to watch tv shows as a regular fan?
Yes, even more now because I’m auditioning for these shows.

What’s your favorite show out right now?
Hmm…what have I been watching? Oh! This is Us; I’m tripping. My favorite is This is Us!

I definitely need to get into that one! So, now, you are a married man (to a fellow creator might I add). How is that balance of maintaining your relationship while still auditioning and working?
It’s extremely difficult because I’m such an independent person that when it comes to my career, I try to make it happen by myself and sometimes it is conflicting because I am in a relationship with someone.

You also have a book that you self-published, It’s Your Fault. Tell us more about that!
It’s Your Fault
is a motivational read about taking accountability for your actions. This new internet generation has everything at the tip of their fingers, so they expect real life to be like that. But in real life, things take time.

What’s one piece of advice that you could give to all creators?
Start. Stop playing. Just start.

What is your keyword (KiWord) for your creative process/ creativity? Why? Can only be one word.
Can I have two? Okay, I’ll just give you the first one. Patience because the patient man wins every time.

What is next for Marcus Bailey in 2018?
Well, my first day player role on a big sitcom on NBC is coming out in February called Good Girls and an upcoming film Point Man. We’ve currently been accepted to Tribeca Film Festival-the official public release month is April, but not sure on a date. We have to go through the festival circuit, and I will know more as production knows more. As far as what’s next? I have no clue but I know I’m ready for it all to pick back up

Thanks to this amazing guy for such a great interview to kick off this segment! Marcus, you’re da bomb!

Connect with Marcus below!

Facebook: @marcusbaileyofficial

Twitter: @marcusbaileyact


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    Ms. Connie

    January 18, 2018

    This was a great read and I am honored to know both the JANUARY EDITION: ACTOR MARCUS BAILEY and the creator of BOMB.COM Kiandra.

    I am so proud of you two. I am a follower of the Ki-Word and Mr. Marcus, I am now a fan of you as well. I will try my best to watch the NBC show and support your upcoming moving in February. I will also purchase your book and make sure I get extra copies for my son.

    Love you both and keep up the good work.