It’s Time to Step Your Professionalism Up

September 26, 2017 0 Comments

It felt like a dream. I couldn’t believe my eyes: “Come out and join us for Fahitas next week!” You read that right… fahitas.

I knew what fajitas were but because fahitas seemed to be a sketchy treat, to say the least, I passed on that work event. No, this wasn’t real. Grown folks couldn’t have misspelled such a word at such a culturally diverse school. It was in this moment I knew.

Professionalism. The thing that so many people struggle with in the workplace. We have all had our fair share of run-ins with the rude lady who rolls her eyes at the thought of you asking for more napkins (as if the one previously given would suffice) and the man who checks the company emails only when he is sending one (probably to ask a question that has already been answered in a prior email ). *Enter template “Per my last email,…” here* seriously striving to be a successful professional, here are the four gems worth packing in your work bag daily.

Know boundaries
Best way to get the most conversation and help out of me is first with manners. I just can’t allow myself to bend over backward and tend to favors for people who can’t even say “good morning.” It is my top pet peeve in the workplace. Additionally, often times than not, we spend more time at work with colleagues than at home so that balance of group time and alone time is key. Personal space always included. With that, stay in your lane. There are multiple positions and roles in your company for a reason. It keeps the boat afloat. Imagine if everyone tried to steer one oar. Chaotic.

As a writer and teacher, I consistently make an effort to reread emails, documents, hell even this blog, as though my life depended on it. I seriously produced erroneous works before and was humiliated in every way. Never again. We are human, so we do mess up from time to time. But as humans in the 21st century, there is far too much access to correcting grammar for it to be a constant issue.

Save the drama
Friends and coworkers are two different things. While coworkers can turn into friends, it is imperative to leave the extra fuss and gossip at home. Nothing like word getting back to the director or administration from the mouth of another. In a work environment, if we aren’t talking business, I don’t want to engage too much. Word travels fast and there’s nothing like your name being tied up in a mess that had nothing to do with you. I’ll sit that one out for $300, Alex.

“Don’t take it personal”
Decisions will be made. Decisions that you may love. Decisions you may disagree with. Tough skin and flexibility will save you every time. Note that sometimes things won’t go as they should nor as you envisioned. Be willing to compromise and move forward. Taking frustration into daily tasks and meetings will make every day you clock in a miserable experience. Keep yourself in a positive peace of mind and once you get home, let loose!

Today’s Keyword: meticulous (adj.): showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise

If you want people to take you serious, you have to first show them how serious you take yourself and your commitment to the company. Be wise in the decisions you make and the coworkers you make them with.

Great professionalism is,