Hella Emotions: an Insecure Finale Debrief for My Sanity

September 12, 2017 2 Comments

note: if you do not watch Insecure or have yet to catch up, sit this week’s post out. I’m putting the spoil in spoiler. No, seriously. 


“Bi***, your time BEEN up.” A timely remark to snap even the most emotionless being back to reality.


Man, as a writer, Insecure has lured me in. I have gotten to know and love each character and enjoy their character development without hesitation. The “your characters are too flat” critique in undergrad makes hella sense now. As a lover, my own decisions have been questioned which has ultimately lead up to the evaluation of my own damn moral compass in a plethora of ways. This season has been one of many highs and lows but this finale took the cake. A witty, gut-wrenching, mouthful that I have yet to digest. Taking the time to analyze each character, I recognized them as various emotions that I’ve noticed in the people in my life and/or myself (at times).


Jealous and Insecure 

Why am I not surprised. What I will say though is that I am beyond proud of Lawrence for making some of his more mature decisions this episode. Taking the time to stay and properly communicate with Issa, being numero uno. Closure is so rare and often time goes unsaid. So I’m pleased. But on the other hand, we see guys like this all the time. A man who is surrounded by friends that grant him the worst advice. The truest embodiment of masculine insecurity. He finds that his manhood is attacked through Issa cheating on him and now with a new chick in town, he is faced yet again with a circumstance that leaves him feeling slightly inferior to another man, making him guarded and annoying in the worst way. Outside of his thoughts getting in the way of a good thing, I am quite appreciative of his vulnerability in the kitchen as he talked with Issa though because let’s be real, men love hard and hurt harder. Just like women. But we rarely see it. Seeing two adults admit to wrongdoings, profess their love, and yet still move on with life was quite a bittersweet moment.


Lonely and Unappreciated 

The one who is so stuck to a type that she misses out on what she truly needs and deserves. I think many of us have played Molly in our own lives, whether we want to admit it or not. Molly yearns for the things she finds as safe. And while she appears to be a businesswoman with it all together, her job (just like her men) can’t seem to notice her for all the things she brings to the table. Vulnerability has taken over and because marriage is her ultimate end goal she is willing to give any one a try to get the husband she has long desired. Hopefully, this doesn’t crash and burn but my gut is yelling “this won’t end well”.


Penniless and Broken

You know, I have a personal issue with Issa. But here’s the thing: I’m not sure if my anger stems from the fact that she played a huge role in the demise of her relationship (debatable I know), or more so from the fact that she reminds me so much of myself- in just a few ways. The idea of wanting to be so much better for a person that it warps into wanting that person to reach unreachable expectations is so real. Ahh, that damn word “potential”. But that’s another story for a different day so I’ll leave that convo right where it’s at.  (If you’re a new reader, see my oldie but goodie Wants vs Needs: Looking for Relations in All the Wrong Places for further discussion at length). Anyway. As I sat through the montage of their futuristic love, I couldn’t help but imagine the happily ever after we all had been waiting for. However, in a blink of an eye, we were snapped back into present day.

Which leads me to this. Ahmal’s comment that her time “been up” was, of course, an impatient cry out for her to bring her ass to the car, but deeper than that, a reality check to Issa and all of us that sometimes we habitually hold on to people and relationships when they are long gone. The timing was genius and made the separation of the couple that much harder to accept.

obscure (adj.): not discovered or known about; uncertain

Even after a rewatch (or three), I am still left with many questions. Similarly, the season ends with the characters being in places of uncertainty as well. No one seems to be in a 100% comfortable mental space. Everyone has reached their own point of internal struggle and I can’t wait to see the complexity unfold. This season was nothing short of amazing. You know I must have enjoyed because I never write about shows, ever. What did you think of it?





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    Kierra Daves

    September 12, 2017

    I definitely agree with everything about this post! This season was great! I just hope as the show progresses maybe we can get more episodes lol.

    I really didn’t put the two together when Ahmal said Times Up and the correlation to Issa and Lawrence finally having closure and moving on. So thank you for mentioning that because I totally missed it. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, but I really want Issa and Lawrence to find their way back together. The thing is, although he’s forgiven her, I think men are way more reluctant to give second chances.

    I really hope that the third season shows growth for Issa career wise. I kinda feel like everyone is doing well in their perspective careers so now it’s like when will it be Issa’s turn?

    I love Molly and everything but I think she’s setting herself up for failure relationship-wise. Like you said, she’s so stuck up on a type that she could possibly miss out on something good. They say that the one never really come in the package that you expect so I think that’ll definitely be the case for Molly. I feel like what she wants will truly come when she basically just lets it.

    I love insecure! Can’t wait for season 3!

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      September 20, 2017

      yes I couldnt agree more! Thank you so much for reading and sharing out Ki!