My 2017 Thus Far: A Medley

June 1, 2017 0 Comments

*sings* Ohhhh it’s the first of the month!

I can’t believe we have reached the middle of the year already. With life taking me on one hell of a ride of twists and turns only six months in, music has been my sanity. When I think of these past months and the experiences both lived and learned, here are the songs that come to mind.

Note: I left these links for a reason so use them to your benefit! Who doesn’t love being put onto good music? Consider it a gift. From me to you.


Really Gonna Miss You x Smokey Robinson 

Bad Religion x Frank Ocean

Try losing your dad and the love of your life all around the same time. Y’all, I was depressed for sure (wow I’m actually writing this). I never wanted to admit to it because I never felt like “that could be me”. However, January taught me that life can simply get the best of anyone at anytime. Laughs seemed to be a thing of the past and I wasn’t myself. Without the love and support from my close friends and family, I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through. It was a month or so of solitary confinement. I was a prisoner to my own sadness and felt as though there was no way to fight back. My mental space was clouded.


It’s A Shame x The Spinners

Saved x Khalid

Then it happened. I began to believe that life had to get better but nothing would change if I didn’t allow it. I was still holding on to past doubts and realities but it was time to take control of my own life. I knew I had to push forward (although, I was still hanging on to things that needed to be let go of). With that, I decided to explore myself more. So yes, the meditation got longer and the relationship with God got stronger. While everyone was out and about finding love, I was falling in love with a special person of my own. *looks in mirror and swoons*


Forget x Lianne la Havas

Piece of Mind x Kehlani

Good ole March brought me peace. I felt the urge to start taking risks and cleaning out all negativity in my life. It was the month of restarting. Nothing more to be said because most of it was quite personal and internal.


Each Day Gets Better x John Legend 

Brighter Day x Kirk Franklin

My students made me better. I was challenged to do a creative project for my grad class and my focus was gratitude. We explored why it is important to give thanks and participated in a variety of activities to improve the way we showed love and appreciation. In growing and challenging my students, I too was faced with the task of being grateful and appreciative of both them and my many blessings. I learned to show my loved ones I cared more. I gave more of myself to people. The book Mindset by Carol Dweck became a favorite read and changed my own perception of life. Instead of focusing on the negatives, I celebrated my few positives and eventually they multiplied.


Electric Lady x Janelle Monae **

Star Dust x Twelve’Len***

Damn. I must say God did his thing with this month. Ever had some amazing deviled eggs and thought to yourself, Auntie put her foot in this!… that is how I feel about God and all the great things He has brought to me. It was like a spark of some sort hit me. An ounce of trusting Him and the direction he has set for me led to many blessings and opportunities.  My desire to write more heightened, the celebration of life and accomplishments peaked and all! I graduated with my Masters and even performed for the first time as an artist in a professional dance company. I am confident in who I am becoming as a woman, a lover, and a friend. And though some things are still working themselves out, I am determined to continue to live my best life. I’ve decided to take control and I refuse to give my life away to any bad energy.

Today’s Keyword: restoration (n.): the process of repairing or renovating so as to restore it to its original condition

It’s the first day of June, so it’s too early to tell what song this month may bring but as of right now I’m feeling a funky beat coming my way. My year didn’t start off the greatest (it’s actually still under construction, to be honest), but my mental capacity to handle the good and bad being tossed my way has definitely evolved for the better. Without good people and greater music, I don’t know how I would have honestly made it through. Music truly has the power to reduce stress, inspire thoughts, and heal wounds.

What’s your sound for the month?

Music is,



**S/o to one of my dearest friends Marcus Bailey for being in that music video. Go bro!
*** Still so proud to call Twelve’Len a homie of mine. His music is beyond dope so be sure to check his music out!