With this being our last piece of the puzzle for knowing the #KiToSuccess, it’s time we get real. So we’ve got our brand all planned out (see Part1) and have been focusing on bettering it day in and day out (see Part 2), but there is just one more thing missing. Here’s Part 3.

Raise your hand if you have haters.

Okay, keep it up if you just thought of a good one or two by name that you could live without.

Yep. I figured. Me too. *inserts upside down smiley emoji*

(Oh yeah, you can put that hand down now.)

A big part of climbing the ladder of success are the people around you. Many will be helpful blessings, strategically placed in your life to give you critique that’ll help you grow. However, there will be many that will try to hinder you from all prosperity as well. In order to be successful, you’ve gotta think like a boss, absorb the good, and pay no mind to the bad. Often times, people hate because they aren’t satisfied with the place they are currently in on their own ladder climb. They see you are taking the time to build and therefore must have an opinion in hopes to deter you. There are also some that just talk because they have nothing else to speak on, but in those cases, keep them in your prayers.

Sometimes people will say some really hurtful and cold things. In order to be successful, you must gather up some tough skin to keep yourself warm for this journey. Not everything said to you will be pleasant, but take it in stride! Never allow someone to steal your joy or change your vision. You will be upset, but hey- that is okay. We are humans with feelings. But with that being said, that doesn’t mean every time you are told something, you get in them. A boss is strong-willed and refuses to let anything get them down.

Today’s keyword: cynosure(n):  a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration; something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance 

Sometimes you have to let your work speak for yourself. Haters will forever reside at an accomplishment nearest you. Taking the time to acknowledge a hater is far from a boss move. The best way to handle it? Continue doing what you do. Get better at it. Go harder. That will really give them something to talk about.  And that works both ways- leave people alone! Just like you want people out of your business, allow people to have their own as well. People love to talk about the things they hate, when meanwhile they’re dishing out the same stuff to someone else. Let people live!

Are you mad because you’re hating, or are you hating because you’re mad?

Be a cynosure and mind your business bossness.

Bossin’ it,


November 18, 2015