Every so often in my classroom, I leave a small message on my board, not only to direct my students’ attention to the day’s assignment , but to intrigue their minds as well. The latest one: “Be a greater you than you were yesterday.” Now of course as my students walk in they have no choice but to notice it, asking things like “But Ms.B, how can we be greater in one day?”

And that, my friend, is a great question. Change does not happen over night. Success takes time. However, no matter the time frame, you can always be better than you were the day before,with even the slightest improvement going a long way. This means maybe being more productive, a little nicer, actually meeting that said deadline. I guarantee you that there is something you didn’t do well today that you could aim higher for, tomorrow.

See that picture above? That’s glitter. Fun fact: I HATE GLITTER. Always have, and always will. But there is something exciting and bold about glitter. It accentuates the simplest of things, adding a sparkle of delight to any final product. Talk about eye-catching. As much as I hate it, I understand glitter’s purpose and actually appreciate it (in this case). We all need some glitter in our lives. Here’s why.

Okay so you have a name for yourself, a brand if you will (if not, see Part 1 of #KiToSuccess Series)- big deal. The attention span of today’s society is super short, with the craze of today easily becoming the outcast of tomorrow. In order to be successful, you must keep a handful of glitter with you at all times, ready to put a shine on whatever- WHENEVER! Being successful takes being your own critic. You are your only competition so always be willing to push yourself to a new level with your creation, thoughts, and goals. The brand will only remain successful as long as it is in constant uphill.  The foundation is already there. All you’re missing is the glitter! Now remember, the thing about glitter (the reason why I despise it) is that while it may be a beautiful sight, it is annoying as hell! It sticks to the project, the carpet, the dog, your hair, your eyelids, all of that ! A week later and it’s still there. But that is how reaching your success is going to feel. There will be some annoying battles on this journey to success, but in the end the result will be well worth the wait.

Today’s Keyword |ˈkəltəˌvāt| (v) : cultivate : try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill): ; apply oneself to improving or developing (one’s mind or manners).

Everyday will not be a breeze. In order to reach success, there will be some temporary hard times that will actually seem permanent. Unbeknownst to you, your success story is in the midst of unfolding. There will be good days and bad. Don’t dwell too long on either, for the bad days will be lessons learned and the good days are very hard to remain consistent. You’ve built an amazing brand and it’s all yours for the world to see. How will you keep the spark of your consumers, readers, subscribers? Bigger and better . Bigger and better. Use your internal glitter and spice it up.

Get your sprinkle on,


October 14, 2015
November 15, 2015