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Two words. Perfectly imperfect. Cliche I know, but fitting for sure. Those are the two words that sum up my vibrant novel of a year. Chapters evolved with colorful ink leaving its mark in an array of places. Blotches here, strikethroughs there. Characters made exits. Pages were ripped out and torn to shreds. Tears flowed….

Rant #702: A Note to the People Who Won’t Stop Staring at Me in the Club Because I’m Clearly Having Too Much of a Good Time

Excuse me, I see you’re busy sitting over there in your section (wasting away) so I won’t keep you long.  It’s just that every time my friends and I come out to a function, I’ve noticed your eyes seem to gaze over to our area- and never leave. I have watched you roll your eyes…

23 and Free

As a writer, I use my words to express my emotions and current mental spaces in life. With that being said, as a teacher my themes for the year correlate to my own journey while being applicable to my students. Last year, my motto for my students was “All the world’s a stage, tell your…